Information about John Muir | Films

John Muir – Back to the Future Film

A 5-minute film featuring young people offering views on John Muir and his relevance today.

‘Muir’ – a 3-minute animated film by Ian Boone Timothy

A short stop motion film exploring the writings and adventures of naturalist, author, and father of the National Parks, John Muir.

The Last Explorers – John Muir

Via short clips from the BBC 1 series, presenter Neil Oliver traces Muir’s journey from Dunbar to California, looks at his impact on the world, and attempts to climb in Muir’s footsteps.

The full 58 minute documentary can be viewed here.

John Muir – A Glorious Journey

A two-part 30 minute biography of Muir’s life in America, available for viewing on YouTube (part two here).

National Parks – America’s best idea (films)

Browse a selection of video clips from the documentary, scenes that had to be cut, and untold stories of John Muir and The National Parks.