Muir Examples

Other than his work campaigning and lobbying for greater environmental protection, Muir is probably best known for his ability (both in person and through his passionate writing) to inspire others to experience and care about the natural world. This section of the site is dedicated to those who have been inspired by Muir to enjoy and care about nature and to share their experiences. Maybe Muir can inspire you in a similar way!

John Muir Examples | Websites

‘A Guest Blog from John Muir’

Adventurer Alastair Humphreys has created an inspirational blog post on engaging with wild places.

Seeding the John Muir Way

This blog, by artist Alec Finlay and accompanied by poets Gerry Loose and Andrew Schelling, photographer Hannah Devereux plus others along the way, beautifully documents Muir-inspired experiences and journeys in the wild using poetry, photography and more.

Seamus Corry’s Muir inspired Award

Inspired by reading ‘On the Trail of John Muir’ by Cherry Good, Seamus embarked on a yearlong John Muir Award in and around his home in Clackmannanshire. Read about his travels and experiences in wild places, and connections with Muir’s messages, on his blog ‘Journey with John Muir’

Muir Costumes

As part of their summer transition course, students at Edinburgh College undertook a John Muir Award that involved walking the length of the Water of Leith in Edinburgh. To represent Muir’s 1000 mile walk students and staff dressed up as Muir for one day of their journey. Photo: © Young Scot

John Muir Examples | Resources

Scottish Wider Access Programme

Students completed an Award centred on the lives and achievements of two legendary Scottish adventurers: John Muir and Tom Weir. Through doing this Award, the students found that not only did they learn about the lives of these two great Scots, but were also truly inspired by them.

Muir-Themed Tree Planting

A group of Art and Design students from West College Scotland’s Greenock campus have been getting their hands dirty planting trees as part of the Conserve Challenge for their John Muir Award, wearing Muir beards for an added element of fun… and warmth!

Bellahouston Academy’s Curriculum for Excellence

Bellahouston Academy offers an example of John Muir being incorporated into the Curriculum for Excellence. Students at the school were “really creative in interpreting the tasks and challenges given to them, with some making a model of John Muir, complete with beard, boots and Victorian clothes”. Click here for a guide to the John Muir Award and the Curriculum for Excellence.

John Muir Examples | Films

The Life and Works of John Muir – Film

Building on their learning from a visit to the John Muir Birthplace Trust and a stickman Muir, Edinburgh College students re-enact some highlights from Muir’s life, inventions and adventures, as part of their John Muir Award. Created by the students on the Entry to Learning Practical Skills for Working Outdoors course.

Wilderness – short film

A 5-minute film by Alastair Humphreys & Temujin Doran featuring some wild places of Scotland (including John Muir Trust properties), with Jim Crumley narrating the words of John Muir.

In the Spirit of John Muir – 10 min film

Zeki Busan’s Yosemite adventure film celebrates Muir’s wilderness living, and looks to inspire young people to appreciate and care for nature. Zeki (aged 15 at the time) made the film himself.

John Muir – Coming Home

This short film directed by Michael Coleman (a Martinez, California native) was inspired by the writings of naturalist, author and early advocate of wilderness preservation John Muir.

John Muir – An Animated Life

A 12 minute animated film exploring the life of John Muir in East Lothian and beyond. The film was created by pupils at Law, Musselburgh Burgh and Dunbar Primary Schools with local animation company D fie foe Productions, as part of Homecoming 2014.

A John Muir Journey

Rob Bushby, previous John Muir Award Manager, spent his work-allocated ‘Wild Days’ (plus some vacation time) finding out about Muir and his legacy in America. It’s summed up here in images to the song ‘For John Muir’ by Deacon Blue.

John Muir Examples | Art

John Muir – A Very Colourful Life

A few examples of Dunbar Primary School’s fantastic John Muir collage created for the John Muir Festival in 2014. The full book of images, and the story of Muir’s life, is available to buy from Dunbar Primary School the John Muir Birthplace Trust.

John Muirals

As part of their literacy-focused Award, members of the Burnfoot Community School Explorers class created John Muirals – large wall posters depicting Muir at different stages of his life.

Holyrood Park Family Conserver Award

For their Family Conserver Award, Lauren and Rhonda Buttler’s family produced an imaginative creation showing how Muir may have interpreted Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park throughout history.

1000 Step Walk

Inspired by Mission:Explore John Muir activity #MEJM001, Jasmin, a pupil at Dunrossness, had planned to walk 1000 steps and make a map of where she went. She ended up walking 4000 steps barefoot.

Muir Inspired Beards

Award providers and participants alike get into the spirit of Muir by donning bought or improvised beards!

John Muir Art

The Garden Links Carlisle Group created this fantastic John Muir collage at Watchtree Nature Reserve. They used natural materials including seeds, thistle down and feather.