John Muir Activities | Games

John Muir Card Game

An interactive activity with Q&A cards to match up and find out more about John Muir.

John Muir’s Observation Game by Joseph Cornell

Use Cornell’s mini-exercises to discover and remember the physical characteristics and special quality or ‘essence of an animal, or a plant.

John Muir Quote Activity

Print out John Muir A4 quote cards (or find your own) to stimulate discussion.
What do you think Muir meant when he said…?
Would you convey his message in a different way today?
Discuss other quotes from historical figures that have meaning today.

Muir Beards

‘We don’t need another John Muir. We need thousands of John Muirs.’ Cameron McNeish.

Buy (or grow) your own beard to help get into the spirit of Muir.