Information about John Muir | Books

Strong Brave True by Mairi Kidd and Tom Morgan-Jones

For all ages, a brilliant selection showcasing the innovations of Scots including John Muir – well-known and less well-known, men and women alike – throughout the ages and in many different fields: from astronomy, ecology, philosophy and lighthouse design to technology, poetry and medicine.

Wildheart: The Daring Adventures of John Muir

This John Muir Graphic Novel is a visual showcase of Muir’s adventurous life, starting with his wild and playful boyhood in Scotland to his legendary exploits in America, where he became an inventor, a global explorer, and the first modern environmentalist. His words made a difference and inspired people in many countries to start protecting planet Earth – and they still do. The original ‘John Muir, Earth – Planet Universe’ version is available for free at the Scottish Book Trust as a pdf and includes teaching notes and resources.

John Muir: My Life With Nature by Joseph Cornell

A unique biography told in the words of John Muir and brimming with his spirit and adventures. With text selected and retold by Joseph Cornell, author of Sharing Nature with Children, the book offers an ideal introduction.

Restless Fires

A detailed rendering of young John Muir’s thousand-mile walk to the Gulf, particularly examining the development of Muir’s environmental thought after recovering from partial blindness due to a factory accident.