John Muir Examples | Websites

‘A Guest Blog from John Muir’

Adventurer Alastair Humphreys has created an inspirational blog post on engaging with wild places.

Seeding the John Muir Way

This blog, by artist Alec Finlay and accompanied by poets Gerry Loose and Andrew Schelling, photographer Hannah Devereux plus others along the way, beautifully documents Muir-inspired experiences and journeys in the wild using poetry, photography and more.

Seamus Corry’s Muir inspired Award

Inspired by reading ‘On the Trail of John Muir’ by Cherry Good, Seamus embarked on a yearlong John Muir Award in and around his home in Clackmannanshire. Read about his travels and experiences in wild places, and connections with Muir’s messages, on his blog ‘Journey with John Muir’

Muir Costumes

As part of their summer transition course, students at Edinburgh College undertook a John Muir Award that involved walking the length of the Water of Leith in Edinburgh. To represent Muir’s 1000 mile walk students and staff dressed up as Muir for one day of their journey. Photo: © Young Scot