John Muir Examples | Films

The Life and Works of John Muir – Film

Building on their learning from a visit to the John Muir Birthplace Trust and a stickman Muir, Edinburgh College students re-enact some highlights from Muir’s life, inventions and adventures, as part of their John Muir Award. Created by the students on the Entry to Learning Practical Skills for Working Outdoors course.

Wilderness – short film

A 5-minute film by Alastair Humphreys & Temujin Doran featuring some wild places of Scotland (including John Muir Trust properties), with Jim Crumley narrating the words of John Muir.

In the Spirit of John Muir – 10 min film

Zeki Busan’s Yosemite adventure film celebrates Muir’s wilderness living, and looks to inspire young people to appreciate and care for nature. Zeki (aged 15 at the time) made the film himself.

John Muir – Coming Home

This short film directed by Michael Coleman (a Martinez, California native) was inspired by the writings of naturalist, author and early advocate of wilderness preservation John Muir.

John Muir – An Animated Life

A 12 minute animated film exploring the life of John Muir in East Lothian and beyond. The film was created by pupils at Law, Musselburgh Burgh and Dunbar Primary Schools with local animation company D fie foe Productions, as part of Homecoming 2014.

A John Muir Journey

Rob Bushby, previous John Muir Award Manager, spent his work-allocated ‘Wild Days’ (plus some vacation time) finding out about Muir and his legacy in America. It’s summed up here in images to the song ‘For John Muir’ by Deacon Blue.